The intent of the NOW Team suite of Veteran wellness and health improvement applications is to create software that is technology and operating system agnostic. Several apps are currently (and will continue to be) written in languages and technical stacks that will adapt to the constantly fluctuating market of mobile devices and wearable technology.

Digital biomarkers are smartwatches, rings, straps and otherĀ  devicesĀ  that directly collect information about health or disease management through digital health technologies to explain, influence and/or predict health-related outcomes

Healthcare is undergoing a technological transformation, and it is imperative for the industry to leverage new technologies to generate, collect, and track novel data. With the wealth of new data, the onus is on the system to turn it into relevant information that helps researchers, clinicians, entrepreneurs, and consumers better understand states of both disease and health. Digital biomarkers are an opportunity to translate new data sources into informative actionable insights.


The use of digital biomarker devices will help gather data on sleep progress. Sleep and rest are vital to good outcomes and these devices will provide information to create treatments for individuals in the program. As we adjust the application, we will display streamlined feedback options to allow patients the ability to accurately confirm how they slept, or how they feel about their sleep. Patients may be able to see metrics and progress updates to understand their sleep habits. Other features such as screen time, suggested bedtimes, and sleeping conditions will help achieve healthy sleep.

One of the key focus points in developing out product is mindfulness. Patients will leverage tools and features that will help provide learning and practice in creating a healthy mind, and healthy mindful habits. These habits will be tracked and used to improve the effectiveness of the program and modified based on successful results. With the use of wearables and mobile devices we will encourage gamification of lessons and practice to help bring the patient to a place of comfort. It will also encourage our users to practice turning off devices and electronics at proper times to give their minds true rest from a world of over stimulation.

Exercise and Diet

Although diet and exercise applications are available in abundance across many platforms the focus on our system will be introducing small incremental changes to improve the patients outcome. Small changes to diet such as introduction of healthier choices and encouragement to go on brisk walks will create a sense of accomplishment and then provide avenues for the patient to set their own path based on responses to input and completing each incremental step in the process.