OHIO Veterans Neuromodulation Operation Wellness (NOW) Program

D2 Human Performance is supplementing the OHIO NOW Program by paying for digital biomarker’s technology, per diem costs of hotels, food, parking, fuel and other day-to-day costs that are not covered by the Ohio NOW Program.

Who are we helping?

Ohio Veterans struggling with chronic stress and sleep, mood or focus problems and other ailments.

Who is eligible?

Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces, National Guard, or Reserves who are also Residents of the State of Ohio.

What is data-driven Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (D2TMS)?

D2TMS is a non-invasive, brain stimulation procedure using a magnet to generate weak electrical currents; these weak currents can modulate brain activity. D2TMS collects your biometric data to adjust stimulation rates to match your biorhythms and measure your response to TMS.

What to expect:

Veterans helping Veterans – up to 60 visits over 12 months.

Initial screening, comprehensive medical, functional, & benefits assessments • Personalized treatment plan, peer support, & health coaching • Smart wearable technology and biometric assessments

 Data-driven(D2)TMS will be given in synch with a person’s biorhythms: Intensive data-driven TMS in clinic for 6 weeks (30 sessions).

 No out of pocket costs.

Medical visits may be billed to eligible insurance companies if patient has insurance.

D2TMS will help to improve sleep, focus and mental health? D2TMS targets “medial frontal” neural pathways (under your forehead) that are important for mood, craving, pain, sleep, and focus. By giving D2TMS tuned to your unique brain rhythms, we expect brain network activity to change, improving your symptoms.

By pairing TMS with behavioral therapy, wellness education, medication management, and other health interventions, we hope to help you sustain improvements in your mood, physical well-being, and ability to function in society

Ohio veterans are you struggling? Want help?

Call the Ohio Veterans NOW Team at: 614-665-7905

Web portal: https://argonaut-recruiting.azurewebsites.net/portal/NOW